How to know which phone number is in NIN Registration

Most of people are in the circle of forgtting which phone number they use during nin registration.

Knowing the phone number which you used during enrolment for the NIN is very important as it helps in retrieving your NIN with your mobile phone anytime you need it.

More so, it is also required for you to access the online nin portal and for you to be able to use the NIMC NIN mobile app. An OTP will be sent to the phone number for verification before you can use the nin app.

nin app

If you want to know the phone number used to register for your NIN, there is a trick you can try, just stay in this guide to find our how.

Simply download nin app to your mobile phone.

One download completes, launch the mobile app, enter your NIN number and be clicking NEXT till you get to the “welcome” screen where you will be promoted to enter your 11-digit NIN

After you enter your NIN, tap NEXT and you will see a screen that will display the number linked to your NIN.

More so, you will see two options which you will be required to select from i.e if you are still using the mobile number or no longer using it.

You will be able to proceed in using the nin mobile app if you still have access to the number. If you select the second option, you will be advised to visit any NIMC office to update your mobile number for you to continue to use the app.

I Don’t Have The Phone Number Used for NIN Registration Anymore?

Please visit your nearest NIMC Office to update your mobile number if you no longer have access to the mobile number you used when you registered for NIN.

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