NEW CAC CRP Portal Tutorial: Get Started With Company and Business Registration in less than 48Hrs

with the new introduction of CAC CRP portal company registration in Nigeria had gotten easier and better.

but, not without a catch,

Here is the catch:

Company registration process has been completely revamp there can be a little confusing if you are used to the previous registration portal.

in this article i will be breaking down 5 Changes to CAC registration process 2021.

business registration in nigeria

Changes to CAC registration process:

  1. Everything about the registration is now completely online
  2. One person can now be a director of s small limited liability company
  3. There is a new addition called “The Person with Significant Control” where any of the directors can take the position.
  4. No more payment for certified true copies of Certificate and Memart as you can now download everything online.
  5. You no longer need rotary /commissional for oat to be able to complete your registration with CAC.

Other things to note about the New CRP CAC portal?

you will be required to updated all signature contrary to the usual downloading of files and sign, scan and reupload.

You can now Do a complete Company registration in 24hrs from name search to Post incorporation.

Now You should be aware of the new changes before going ahead to start registering your own company.

Take a time our to do a proper research so you don’t get queried in the process.

If you require to Register a Company or a name name with CAC you can Contact us and we have it done for you.

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