6 Steps I use to Start a Tailoring Business In Nigeria With No Capital

start a tailoring business with no capital

Hello Pajoners in this article today I want to share with you how I was able to start a fashion house without a startup capital.

You all agree how lucrative Fashion designs and tailoring business has become in recent time.

Most average age in Nigeria wants to have his or her own fashion line, but the big questions is how many people have the start up capital to set up a fashion and tailoring shop.

if You are one or the type that loves fashion/tailoring business with the right capital to scale it, then you have a Good news Today!

As I will be showing you exactly how I start my Fashion/Tailoring Business Without a Capital.

Let’s Dive Right In

How I Start s Tailoring Business in 6 Steps

Before Starting a tailoring the business I had no Money but my biggest commodity then was the Passion I have for the business.

Me thinking of where to start..

and this goes like this!

1). Identify your target Audience

I started by identifying the type of people I will be selling the products to, it wasn’t very had for me because I was working in a company with little above 70 staff.

I quickly study how they dress and where I can improve in their dressing culture.

When I was done with this, Move to the next step I will talking about (just keep reading).

2). Scout For a Good Tailor in Your City

I went to study few tailors around including the one that handling my sowing at that time, at the of the day I made a note of few tailor i like their finishing.

Few days later I approach them to to stride a strategic partnership deal, most of them like the idea because I made a good offer (moreover some are good by lack marketing skills) which is very common with tailors.

3). Product Know is very vital in Tailoring Business

In every business product knowledge is key, because that is the foundation to which you make your sales, imagine going to market a product you know nothing about. chances are you can’t answer any of the product related question correctly and you will end up loosing the customer.

So I went to the market to make my research, at the of this task I was able know the difference in clothing materials and their prices.

Before we move to the next step lemme give you a little back story, I was already a head of marketing the company I was Working at that time, so marketing the tailoring product is as easy-flight for me, I know how to run online adverts.

4). I started aggressive marketing

Make money selling cloths
image credit”pixelbay

I made a collections of good sample of made cloth and started advertising them aggressively, at one point a lot of people assume i have a tailoring shop of my own (God know I didn’t say that but most of them assumed) so flow with it, I took me sometime to perfect measurements so I literally get the customer and call one the tailors to come take measure or I go and bring a tailor to measure.

5). I Practiced How to Properly Take Measurement

After sometime I could handle that myself.

Learn to measure the right way

Alot more relieved, I don’t have to worry about how to measure people anymore, two months later someone gave me a job to handle all his wedding clothing.

The most exciting part then was I got to make cloths for foreigners that will be coming for the wedding, Sharply I came up with my brand name and got my Business card made. I deliver like 10 pair of Native Wears at the rate of 15,000 Naira Each, and made a cumulative profit of 50,000 After buying the materials and paying the tailors.

I was a happy man that week, beofore I knew what was happening alot of calls keep coming in calls like

I heard you made this wedding cloth

Can you handle my wedding clothing someone refer you.(hah why I took all and made more)

To save you the long story, in less than one year I was able to save 1,200,000

6). Start Tailoring Business

At this time I already have the customers so starting my own business now, I definitely know I was going to be successful.

I paid for a shop, bought machines and engage tailors to work for me, while i handle the marketing.

Final word:

The solution to wherever you want to achieve lie withing , the only limiting factor we have is our mind as long as you have the right mindset with good energy to match nothing stops you from achieving your goals.

Lastly the key to succeed in any business is marketing,and when your product is in demand profit is not far behind, learn to market the right way by taking any of our marketing courses click here to view all courses

What do you think?

Written by Paul

Expert in Digital Marketing, Video Animations, and Business Strategic


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