Five vital lessons every Nigerian business should learn from #BBNaija

#BBNaija is a reality TV show in which the organizers house the contestants for around three months, playing games that will educate them and teaching them several other aspect of life.

The show is in its fifth season this year, and it keeps getting bigger by each passing year. This year’s prize money for the winner of the show will get around 80 million Naira, last year’s winner got 60 million in total.

In this article, we put forward five lessons every Nigerian business can and should learn from the #BBNaija show.

Five vital lessons every Nigerian business should learn from #BBNaija.

1. Give it all. The end justifies the means. But there are limits.

The organizers of the show and especially the contestants, have shown over the years that giving everything you venture into your all is a virtue. Most contestants in the house have tried severally to participate in the show in the past years, but have failed to get in before now.

However, they finally got their chance to showcase their talent on the big stage. Every business owner should be able to persevere

2. Create good distractions

Nigerians love and need distractions from all the crude politics and incessant looting from the treasury. If you can create a little distraction for the people, your business will thrive the way BBNaija has distracted everyone from the ongoing NDDC probe.

3. Affiliations matter a lot.

Most contestant in the past have used their affiliation to cajole people of either their ethnic group, schools attended or even city of residence to gain support. Businesses can enjoy this too.

4. “Grass-to-grace narrative

Nigerians enjoy this narrative very much. Like in fairy tales, people in Nigeria will like to see you succeed because of your rocky childhood, so they can be part of your happy ending and live happily ever after.

5. Nigerians don’t like pretenders.

Business in Nigeria will thrive better if your clients or customers are rest assured of your person. Nigerians have a way of finding out people who are not genuine. Contestants who come to the BBNaija house full of pretense never make it far in the house.

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