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5 Things You Need to Know About CAC Public Search

Do not be too excited, event thought CAC public search portal is a dedicated portal to verify is a business is register or not.

Most people get to be carried when they see that they punch in a certain name and the search cam back with no “no data found”.

Most People at this point usually start making use of their intended name realizing they can’t find it on the portal mean is available for them o register…Nope, this is so untrue.

I see alot of people making this mistake the reason I’m putting out this article.


Here are things you need to know About CAC Public Search.

It is a dedicated platform to verify registration status.

1). will not know if your intended name is available for registration.

This will only show if the intended name is registered by someone else. think about this for a minute CAC charges N500 Naira for a name search why on earth will they allow such service for free on a public search portal? if in any case such services is allowed on a public search for free it’s a bad business for the name search services which generates them N500 per search.

2). Do not base your business name availability base on in the information you gathered from CAC public Search portal

3). Public Search portal can track the progress of your company/business registration from pre-incorporation to finally incorporation stage but will not show you when the certificate is ready for pickup

4). CAC public search will help you retrieve your business and company registration number if for any reason you need your use your company RC number ON-The-GO.

5). the only true judgement on business name availability is by doing a name search on CAC Portal make a payment of N500 and wait for say 4- 24hrs for approval note from any of the officers are CAC office.


How to Use the CAC public Search Portal

To use the CAC public search service, kindly type ” CAC public Search” or Click HERE

From the image above put in your intended name and click I’m not a robot

Hope this helps?

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