VidScripto Review: Why YOU Should Consider it now

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Have you ever Thought of automating your way out of having to to transcript your video, If yes, me too.

VideScripto is here to take that burden out of your shoulder, with it powerful ability to transcribe and translate in numerous languages using the power of Ai

VidScripto Review – What is VidScripto?

VidScripto is the world’s most advanced video transcription and translation site, ensuring that you can sell to the entire globe. It converts any video from YouTube, a connection, or an upload into a video with captions in minutes, using sophisticated AI power to translate it into any language you want for both subtitles and voice.

With VidScripto, you can upload your transcribed or speech-to-text videos in the correct format to any social media site. VidScripto supports all video formats, including the original 16×9 YouTube format, general squared 1×1 format, 9×16 Instagram Story format, 5×4 Twitter Post format, and 5×4 Facebook video format

Vidscripto also comes with a commercial license, allowing you to start your own transcription and translation company, as well as provide video-to-audio, video-to-speech, and video-to-text services to local and foreign customers, and charge for them based on length or word count.

VidScripto Review – Features and Benefits

  • Automatic Transcription: Transcribe any Video by uploading mp4, adding video Link or using our in-built Viral Video Finder.
  • Automatic Subtitle Generator: Add Subtitles to their Video with customization options, using Interactive Editor.
  • Subtitle Translator: Translate your subtitle in more than 50 Languages using AI Powered Translator.
  • Text to Speech Voice Creation: Create a new voice for your Video using our AI Powered Text to Speech Engine.
  • Video Auto Resizing: Resize your Video to fit any Web page or Social Media Platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok etc)

VidScripto Review – How does it work?

VidScripto uses a well-trained A.I. and machine learning to create captions, add them to video, match timeline and translate videos.

All it takes is three steps to create your viral videos in the local language

  • Step 1: Select your Viral Video
  • Step 2: Customize The Script
  • Step 3: Publish to Social Media Platforms and Cloud

See, it can’t be simpler to generate your own subtitled videos.

VidScripto Review – My experience in using it?

I’ve tried this software as a tester recently. I’m going to instruct you how to use this amazingly handy machine and make the most honest review for you.

So you can trust everything from my review.

Pros and Cons

VidScripto Review – Pros

  • Easy to use: All the hard work is taken care by the advanced technology
  • Friendly user interface: VidScripto offers a really intuitive user experience
  • Regularly Updated: New and betters features are frequently updated to enhance the experience even more
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support Team: The support team with expertise is there to answer your questions and willing to solve your problem at any time

VidScripto Review – Cons

So far, there are no downsides to VidScripto. My experience using VidScripto has been flawless.

Learn More on their Official Website >>HERE<<

What do you think?

Written by Paul

Expert in Digital Marketing, Video Animations, and Business Strategic


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