How to Embed Youtube Video on New WordPress Editor ( Gutenberg)

This might look simpleif you know but if you don’t it might look heculian to achieve

in this article lemme quickly show you how embed your favourite video on YouTube to your WordPress website.

The new wordpress block editor is super cool of you know how to navigate your way around it then , its a game changer.

with further Ado

how to embed youtube video on Gutenberg wordpress

To do this, Navigate to your post, then click “Ad New ” or Edit Post (if you want to embed on existing post).

go the block you want your video to be displayed and click the Plus button as shown below.

select Youtube from the item there, new page will open

now to youtube and copy the sharable url to the video come to to wordpress and paste in the box

how to embed youtube video on wordpress

click the embed when done and you are good.

thank for ready and have a nice day

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