How to Download Stampduty Receipt for CAC Registration


If you are familiar with CAC Company registration you will understand how important stamp duty receipt is to company registration process.

In this quick Guide I want to show you how to download your stamp duty certificate online for free.

Why Do you Need the Stamp duty Certificate?

  • Stamp duty certificate is necessary for company registration process with CAC
  • Is it also required for the Filling and collection of your original CAC certificate from the corporate affairs office among others?

How to Download Stamp duty Certificate after making payment?

For any reason you lost your stamp duty certificate, or maybe you do not have access the the email you use to pay for the stamp duty you will need the process I’m about to show you right now.

To get you stamp duty certificate, head over to google and type “Verify stamp duty”

select the official stamp duty website that pops on google search pages or Click HERE to Access it

A page will open like what you see above, from the search box

Put your stamp duty certificate code and hot verify.

The Stamp duty search engine will find and retrieve your receipt, hit the print button and get your certificate back.

Wondering how to get your stamp duty certificate number?

Let me quickly show you how to get your stamp duty certificate number in two ways

first, check on your document, usually the certificate number is right below the stamp.

secondly; log on to your CAC portal, navigate and hit the company name, click on payment history you will find the certificate number right there.

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