5 Simple Steps to Start a Successful Fashion Designing/Tailoring Business In Nigeria

start a tailoring business in nigeria

Fashion industry is growing at an unprecedented rate the consciousness of wearing our home made wears is hotter than ever, it will be a smart move to learn how to start your fashion business the right way.

Hello Pajoners in this article today I will be sharing with your exactly how to start a successful fashion designing Business in Nigeria.

The Best part:

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You are learning form an experience fashion entrepreneur, so be rest assured you getting the right info in this article.

lets dive right in

Going into tailoring business would not be a bad idea for a start. Come to think of it, many people sew clothes, wear clothes of different design, quality and grade so…

How Do You Start a Tailoring Business in Nigeria the Right Way?

1). Preparatory Stage

In this preparatory stage is where you you mind made up about going into the business, it’s like the foundation of a house, because it will be one of the major determinant factors to succeeding in tailoring business.

Go through the following checklist:

  • Do i Have the Right skill to start right now?
  • Do I have the right administrative skills to sustain the business?
  • What will be my USP?
  • What marketing strategy should I go with?

By the time you done and comfortable with the above checklist you move to the next stage

2). Acquire Resources needed:

from the first you finalized skill to go into the fashion business, here is another important factors in starting a tailoring business

Resources; you need a a reasonable amount to start a tailoring business

Do you need raw materials? YES you do.

You need fabric for a start, needles, threads and various other things, you could get before hitting the road.

3). Get the Right Equipment

before starting a tailoring business in Nigeria, regardless of financial constraint in most cases, there are basic equipment and asset you can’t do without such as as follows;

  • Sewing Machine
  • Embroidery Machine (not mandatory but necessary )
  • Working Table
  • Chairs/Tables
  • Over lock machines
  • Weaving machines
  • Thread and needles in bulk

With this few things, you could be able to hit the road and move to the next step in starting your tailoring business in Nigeria.

4). Location for your Tailoring Business

Contrary to what you see online about how important is location to this business I certainly no agree with it.

Good location is very good but not as important as the next step we will be looking at, regardless of your location if you put out good services and the right finishing people will come rushing. I think your quality of job delivery should come first then location becomes as added advantage.

You might be located in from the alaba market in lagos but if your products are wacky, poorly tailored no one will stop by.

take for example how many of you reading this article knows where Shirt Freak is located?

Negligible number but their work and clean finishing with the right marketing strategy speaks louder than their location today

But not withstanding you need a comfortable location for you business

Marketing and Services:

One thing people complain about tailors in Nigeria is their inability to deliver on time; if you are not ready to keep to time of the customer then you will lose a lot of work and customers.

That is why customers do ask when you think you can finish. You have to give a reasonable date and time so they will not see you as lazy. That is why you have to put in a lot of effort to deliver on time.

And also be creative in your work, people do no longer ask for the normal designs, they do prefer something new, something different from others, so your creativity will help you go a long way in winning customers.

The best way of marketing your business or work is by advertising. Sampling your work to people just outside your office/workspace and also build yourself as a brand, a fashion designer and not just a roadside tailor.

What do you think?

Written by Paul

Expert in Digital Marketing, Video Animations, and Business Strategic


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