SMM Trends: Top 7 Social Media Trends You Must Follow in 2020

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There have been many changes in the social media marketing trends.

New technologies are invented and features launched on every social media network.

Marketers like you are routinely integrating social media marketing with their core marketing strategies.

So you have to update yourself on the latest marketing trends. Find out what’s going to work for you in the future.

To help you out with this regard, we are here with the most significant social media marketing trends to come.

Best Social Media Marketing Trends 2020

1. Video

The video takes on a lot of different forms on social media—most notably, videos are short. Ten-second videos are perfectly okay. They’re also good for advertising, which has become the other hot topic around video advertising.

Of course, video isn’t a new trend. It’s just a growing trend. So if you haven’t tried any video yet, 2018 is the time. It often works best if you can find someone on staff who is just a natural video shutterbug. They’re usually millennial, but not always.

Give your shutterbug some creative leeway to go record a bunch of stuff and then come back and show you the top 5%. Hire a video editor via Fiverr or another freelancer platform, and start posting test videos. Track your results. Rinse and repeat.

Ideally, every one of us should have at least 10% of what we post on social be video. We should be working to move the video into the 70% content category—a reliable, money-producing content format that we’re comfortable with. In 2018, aim to fully integrate video into your social media marketing.

2. Influencer marketing

Never underestimate the power of trust—especially online. Trust is why influencers wield so much power.

But trust is also the biggest problem with influencer marketing. Consumers know these social media stars get paid to promote stuff. Clumsy promotions can take an internet celebrity down, and so smart influencers (the best influencers) are choosy about which brands they work with, and how they work with them.

This isn’t a bad thing for small businesses. While smaller budgets usually mean you’ll have to work with “micro-influencers,” that might end up being a good thing. It will mean you’ll have to dig a little deeper to find your ideal influencer, but if there’s a true match with your company and them (and their audience), you might have found yourself a high-value, long-term partnership.

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3. Augmented reality

This one I’m a little skeptical about for small businesses. But…if you want an idea of how this might work, download IKEA’s “Place” app and fiddle around with it. The app lets you place any piece of IKEA furniture into your home (or into the middle of the street if you want).

4. Understanding which platforms work best for your audience

Think of social media as a race where every marketer is geared to have a share of the pie. Even among social media channels, the chase toward which platform has a greater share of influence is an unpredictable battle. For example, Twitter failed to grow its numbers considerably in 2017, and though it’s closed the year with a steady and positive revenue, its rate of growth in terms of the number of followers has slowed down compared to its rivals.

5. Volatile Content And Social Media Influencers Will Be Bigger

Short-lived content like Instagram and Snapchat Stories will continue to gain popularity. Why? Ephemeral content is more authentic, and since it is limited to mobile, it is able to reach a wider audience.

6.Paid yet Personalized Content

Here you should observe two different terms paid content and personalized content. So far, we are using paid content for better reach of your business on social media. Paid content is worth investing in. Whether you seek for conversions or engagement, sponsored ads on the social media help you out in achieving it. As millions of businesses are competing on a single platform, a lot of noise generated every day.

However, people’s resistance to general ads on social media is increasing. And the newsfeeds of social users are filling up with piles of content that most of the posts or tweets or pins are going unseen. Social media sites don’t entertain any inconvenience caused to their users. So, they are also changing their algorithms like Facebook, and Twitter changed their newsfeed algorithm in this year.

With these updated algorithms, users can see the personal posts or ads only that are more relevant to you.

So, your content must be personalized. It should touch a nerve of the audience. As a solution for this, I would suggest you leveraging the Influencer Marketing in your Social Media Marketing. If you are a B2B marketer, be like a B2C marketer with your customers on social media and make them intrigued towards your business. You have to reach the right users. For this, use of the analytics is much needed.

7. New Network trends

Understanding the changes in the popularity of social media marketing trends and networks is essential to marketers. And it’s important to evaluate the networks by active account usage besides the number of user’s accounts they have. So let’s have a look at some of the social networks which are growing more quickly than others.

Facebook is presiding its supreme power both in terms of name recognition and the total number of users. It is the largest social media network with over 2,07 billion users, followed by YouTube and Instagram.


one great thing I learn from this trend: Social media isn’t going to slow down. But if you stick to what works 70% of the time, run careful tests 20% of the time, and take genuine risks for the remaining 10%, I think there’s a good way to stay current without damaging your results. It is “social” media after all. It’s ultimately about people.

What do you think?

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