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  • How to Link a Facebook Page to Your Group-Easy Steps (2020)

    I have received a lot of question in recent time about to let your business page manage your Facebook group. So, in today’s article I want to show every that are yet to understand how Facebook Page and Facebook group can be linked. Below are some of the questions I get from User how to create […] More

  • Digital Marketing evolving

    5 Ways Digital Marketing is Changing How People Use the Internet

    Digital marketing is fast growing and it will continue to grow at a remarkable exponential rate. What is means: Nearly 80% of Business both online and online may depend on digital marketing for advertising and growth. Here is how Digital Marketing is Evolving Number 1). User Interest According the Neil Patel Digital marketing is changing […] More

  • Trending

    Is CBN AGSMEIS Loan Good For Startup? Find Out Now

    Stop being an Idea Guy and grab this CBN Business Loan Opportunity. With CNB AGSMEIS Loan, it is time to action on your age-long business plan The central bank of Nigeria is currently supporting Agri-business, small and medium scales enterprises to scale up their businesses with the country. This kind gesture is extending through an […] More

  • AGSMEIS Loan 2020

    CBN AGSMEIS Loan 2020: How to Apply Without Collateral Step by Step

    This post is about central bank of Nigeria Loan program called “AGMEIS LOAN” I personaly a few entrepreneurs who ha imernsly benefited from these AGMEIS Loan With this Loan, you can access upto 10M Naira to boost your new or existing businesses, this is one of it’s kind loan opportunity for Agri-business, small and medium […] More

  • business factors


    Deciding to start your own business great but knowing the factors to consider before starting the business is the key. Business is no doubt packed with uncertainties and probabilities either you succeed or not. So, the good news is: KNOWING THE FACTORS TO CONSIDER BEFORE SETTING UP A BUSINESS Is paramount. If you are a […] More

  • social media marketing

    SMM Trends: Top 7 Social Media Trends You Must Follow in 2020

    There have been many changes in the social media marketing trends. New technologies are invented and features launched on every social media network. Marketers like you are routinely integrating social media marketing with their core marketing strategies. So you have to update yourself on the latest marketing trends. Find out what’s going to work for you in the […] More

  • Animiz-animation-maker

    Animiz Animation Maker: The Future of Simplified Animated Video Presentation

    Take it or leave it Animiz Animation Maker  is the best solution to make animated videos and interactive business presentation. As you already know, there are a bunch of animation maker out there but I bet you have not see the great power of  simplicity like Animiz animation maker If those that don’t what Animiz […] More

  • nip neft fund transfer


    Nip VS NEFT Funds Transfer: The Big Difference

    In this post today, you will get all you need to know about NIP and NEFT Bank Transfer Method. The Question, knowing the difference between NEFT and Nip transfer process is extremely ubiquitous, especially among Nigerians. So, here in this post, you’ll get the understanding between NEFT and NIP Bank Transfer in Nigeria. The differences […] More

  • fuam transcript


    Fuam Transcript: How I Applied and Got it Online

    thinking of applying for FUAM transcript? Yisk! you can do this all by yourself online. In this post today, I want to quickly show you how to apply for, and get your transcript from Joseph Brown Tarkaa  University (formally known as the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi. The Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi (FUAM) put […] More

  • FormatFactory Let You Convert Video To 17Plus Format and More

    Do more with the Small but powerfull Freeware call Formatefactory, Are you looking for how to convert your videos in different formats with ease? If you want to convert your video fast and you wondering what Software will d the job. Then here is a Good News for you FormatFactory is the App for the […] More

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