Nigeria Paypal: How to Create paypal that send and received money (fast)

Sadly Nigeria is one of the countries that Paypal black-list from enjoying their full services for a reason best known to them.

But, don’t worry, just keep reading I will show you a legit way to have a fully functional paypal right in Nigeria.

Create Paypal no VPN needed

A Paypal that can send and received money from any where in the world.

without wasting time let’s get straight to it.

First here are list of things you need to create a fully functional paypay from Nigeri.

  • I functional Nigerian Phone number
  • Address
  • a functional email address
  • ID verification for Paypal

Let continue..

Now we are going to be creating a lesotho Paypal,

Lesotho is one of the countries is African that enjoy a wider features of Paypay so, this will be the easiest to create from Nigeria.

To get started,Go to this webpage or copy and paste the link on your browser (Note that the ls at the end of the URL stands for Lesotho).

from the page above you will see two account option and they are:

  • Personal account and
  • Business account

Since the purpose of why we want to open a Lesotho PayPal account is to do business (being able to send money and also receive) and also to have access to all paypal features. we, therefore, choose a business account.

So click on the signup button and then select a business account on the next page as shown in the screenshot provided for you below, and then click continue when that is done.

After you have done that, a GET STARTED will be shown to you as seen below, put in your Gmail account, and then click on NEXT.

On the next page, a form will be provided for you to fill in your personal details as well as your business details. So fill in your details appropriately and in the section where you are asked for Phone Number.

from the screenshot above, change the country code from default Lesotho to Nigeria (234) and then input your Nigerian phone number. And when done filling the form tick on the Agree and continue, then click on AGREE AND CONTINUE BUTTON Check the image below.

Next, you will be taken to the TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS PAGE, In this section, you are required to tell them what type of business you are into. Kindly, and pick any category or subcategory of your choice.

From the Image above,

If you have a website you can include or you can choose to omit it (since is not compulsory) and when you are done click on continue.

After that, click on continue and you will be taken to an account holder information page where you are required to provide an identification document for verification.

Do the needful, by filling the form with your correct credentials,

  • your date of birth, and
  • mode of verification either you use an international passport, national id card, or passport.

When you are done with the filling click submits as shown above. Then you will be taken to a page as shown below asking you to confirm your email address to activate your account and set up your profile and payment.

So you check your email inbox for the link, If you can’t find the link on your email kindly check your spam folder.

When you click on the link they sent to your email and activate your account.

Congratulations you now have a fully functional Paypal acocunt that can send and received money.

Before you do any other things. Kindly, setup your Lesotho PayPal account profile and linking a card to it.

Note that most Nigerian Card does not work on Paypal but they are few workaround that will also help you withdraw that money into your bank account

You want to learn how to linked your card to withdraw Paypal funds? Kindly Send me a mail HERE

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