business registration in nigeria

Business registration services is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria right now, especially now that people are become more aware of the importance of having a business registered in Nigeria.

Nearly 89% of the populace believes you’re a serious minded person and will take your business serious if it’s a registered business, especially when seeking cooperate or government contracts, in most cases you will be required to submit a copy of your CAC registration certificate.

Why you need to register a business in Nigeria?

  • You get issued a certificate of incorporation, meaning you have a unique identity. This protects your products and services by giving them a brand name. This also helps to build your brand and give you a positive reputation.
  • It gives you credibility in the sight of your customers as well as other business associates. It shows signs of responsibility and trustworthiness as your prospective clients know that they are dealing with a trustworthy organization.
  • Access to bank loans and services. For the business to have and run a business account with a bank, the bank will require the certificate of incorporation as well as the business name and registration number. It will also enable the business to enjoy loan facilities from banks should the need arise.
  • The registration of your business gives the opportunity to attract investors. Nobody wants to invest in a venture that lacks reputation and continuity, registration gives you this leverage.
  • It protects the business owner from personal and legal liability, especially if the business is registered as a limited liability company.
  • It allows for continuity of the company.
  • Registration affords the business the ability to legally employ staff. You can even request for NYSC members to works at your company when registered.
  • It gives the business owner the opportunity to travel easily to other countries for business transactions as business visas can become easily accessible.

Now how much can you make from offering a registering a business services in Nigeria?

while there is no exact amount of money you can make offering business Service in Nigeria you can make a huge fortune running into hundreds of thousand in a month.

the Best part:

You do not need a lawyer to register a business in Nigeria (it means you can handle all from the comfort of your home or office). with less than N15,000

let’s you charge N20,000 per business register you could be making a minimum of N5000 on what will take less than 1hrs (combine time to register) to achieve. I.E with 20 client a month you Make Average of 5000×20=N100,000

I will will uncover in this course how you can be getting steady client for registration ( the strategy I used to grab almost 100 People willing to register within a month)